Business Coaching Testimonials

As always, another great days learning and a day of value to me and my business.. Thank you!

Really feel that the last 3 years have made me a better Pro and allowed me to understand my business and myself more.

If you remember 3 years ago I was in a state due to feeling out of control and highly disorganised...definitely not the case now

Simon Harrison


I would like to thank you both sincerely for the nine years that I spent within your golf academy. I arrived with a lot of teaching hours behind me from my time in Germany.

More importantly and without doubt my time within Cranfield golf refined and polished not only my ability to coach but my coaching behaviour/conduct and business acumen. I would never have had the experience or knowledge required to set up and direct my own golf academy without your help/mentorship.

I would like to say a big thank you to you both and I enjoyed very much the nine years I spent at Cranfield. I'll always have fond memories of this time.

I'm very much engrossed in my new project/opportunity now and I am enjoying it greatly.

I wish you both well.

Dominic Toms


Having been only coaching full time since day 1 at CGA 10 years ago, it shows what a good environment can create. And I've been very fortunate to have such a great mentor as yourself. So thank you for that.


Steven Orr


Scott has been fantastic for our business and me personally; really making me think outside the box and get creative - he is great for helping you come up with fresh ideas and always provides his feedback and notes promptly! He has also been brilliant at fitting around my hectic schedule even having meetings in our office at 7am! I couldn’t recommend his services more!      

Mark Reeve

Ashton & Charters


Having been a Club Professional for 33 years I have attended many seminars and joined groups to try and improve my business.

Attending the Foremost Academy with Scott Cranfield has been a fantastic experience as well as a challenge as it has made me address important issues within all aspects of my retailing and coaching which I know will be a huge benefit.

I would recommend it to any Professionals who like myself have maybe  just been going with the flow.  It is not easy to teach an old dog new tricks but I have learned a lot from Scott.

Peter Allan


‘Having been a PGA Professional since 1991 I can guarantee that I have learnt more in the last three years with Scott Cranfield than at any other stage of my career, I now have the tools to run my business more efficiently, to gain far better results in my coaching, I understand my own swing far more, and have a better work life balance. I would thoroughly recommend Scott’s programs to other Golf Professionals’

Darren Paris – North Foreland GC


"I have been part of the Foremost Academy training programme for the past 4 years and it has been one of the most rewarding investments i have ever made. The courses have been both financially and personally beneficial with structured direction and goal setting a priority.

Anyone wanting to develop their business and structure personal life goals should consider the benefits offered on this course"

Simon Harrison – Lilly Brook GC


The tools I have learnt from Scott have certainly helped me develop to the position i am now in. I have a well balanced work and family life, and am now running 2 businesses!!  Scott is a very valuable mentor, and i can only hope i will inspire golfers as much as he has inspired me.

Daniel Webster – St Annes Old Links GC


"I have been fortunate to be part of a mentoring programme provided by Scott Cranfield over the last 4 years ago.. I have learnt some valuable lessons that changed my mind set and ultimately my life focus. Through the mentoring programme I have made life changing decisions that have driven my business and my personal life. My business has become more focused, streamlined and professional as a result of the programme. My nett profits have shown a dramatic increase through an economic downturn and I have created a successful academy that is attracting new customers on a regular basis and my return client rate has increased two fold.

Rhys Harry 


Scott has presented me with a comprehensive set of tools that I can use in business and in my personal life. My coaching income has tripled in under 2 years as a result of employing the information he provided me.

The time I have spent with Scott has been the most valuable investment I have ever made in my business and personal development.

Peter Myers – Hainsworth Park GC


I've been to too many seminars where I've written pages of notes and never acted upon them.  Scott has been a revelation in his ability to define clear pathways and logical steps to improvements in all areas of life and work.  I've gone from being time poor and cash poor, to time rich and cash less poor!

Nevil Bland - Brocton Hall Golf Club


My teaching revenue has doubled in 2 years – Scott makes you think about things in a different way. No matter how experienced you are I guarantee you will benefit from working with Scott both in business and personally.

Martin Heggie – Moortown GC


I would just like thank you for the vast difference you have made to my career over the last four years.

Darren Parris


"My overall businesses turnover has grown by a massive 25% in just one year and its all down to the foremost academy. I am managing my time better both professionally and personally, my staff are more focused and are certainly taking ownership of the business now. Making time for initiatives like the foremost academy is crucial for anyones business and i strongly recommend all professionals to look into Scott's work".

Tim Hall