Golf Coaching Testimonials

Brilliant Scott!!

So Great and I can’t wait to put it all into practice, I feel I have lowered my handicap already and I haven’t hit a golf ball in ages!!

Ozzy Duncan


You come across as professional and articulate in all sessions and your passion for the topic and people's development really comes through as genuine.

Paul Shelvin


I just wanted to send you a note to thank you for the ‘Mind of a Champion’ course I have found this insight into my golf game most helpful, and I just wish I had come across something like this a few years ago.

Your modules have been a great tonic to me during the lockdown period and seeing how I can apply the learning to my game and the wider aspects of my life in general,

Once again, thank you so much for the insights to have given to me in helping to improve my game. Those considerations are invaluable.

Steven Parlett


Thanks for your help, I have really enjoyed the course and feel I have learnt a lot.

Christine Wilkins 


I feel the course was like applying theory to the practical knowledge gained from the golf lessons I've had over the years. My focus was on the ‘how to' aspect of the game and I became frustrated and disillusioned when I was unable to transfer to the golf course, what I learnt on the Driving Range. It became apparent from Module 1 that my focus was on where I'd like to be before knowing where I was!

My expectations were so high it was unbelievable. I now have a very different mindset and approach which I intend to apply to my game.

I can comment on every single module because they are all so enlightening and informative; however, modules 7, 8 and 10 have been especially invaluable.  I now know that my approach to my lessons and my game will be more positive.

Overall, this course has been a superb investment, not just to golf, but life in general.

Thank you so very much!

Ingrid Clarke


I am finding the course of real value to me; the modules are very challenging and thought provoking. I am impressed by the layout and by the clarity of the modules and the challenges they present. The information is presented in a clear format and with enthusiasm.

It is clear to me that following this course will be real help to me and my game going forward,

The layout of the course is first class, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to my friends and colleagues at my golf club.

Bill Cooper


The beauty of this program is that to get the maximum benefit it should be done bite sized.

Total honesty with yourself will undoubtedly give you the most scope for achieving your aims. I think handicap level is irrelevant.

There is nothing overly complicated in the presentation just resist the temptation to get ahead of yourself.  Keep an open mind and the results will follow, I have already improved what I am getting from my practice ( In Scotland so allowed).

Looking forward to utilising the program fully.

Sam Carson


“Really enjoyed Scott’s extensive course of modules covering many aspects of the mental approach to the game, as well as some physical ones too.

Assessing and managing your overall beliefs, expectations, visualization, and thought processes, as well as dealing with stress and nerves are just some of the topics Scott covers.

Can’t wait to get out of lockdown, get on the course and apply a refreshed attitude and other techniques that Mind Of A Champion covers!”

Adrian Neale


Following knowledgeable, engaging and very purposeful presentations from Scott, the course successfully sets clear expectations and strategies for golfers of all skill levels.

The follow-up exercises are particularly useful in reinforcing the tried and tested principles of how to become a better thinking golfer.

Tony Jones


This is to say that the Mind of a Champion programme is excellent, and I would highly recommend it to all golfers and sports people. I found it really helped me in so many area’s such as constructive practicing, setting objectives to strengthen my weak areas in golf, and more importantly the mental part of my game.

As a resource I will certainly continue to use and refer the Mind of a Champion course, which will last me a lifetime regardless of my handicap, which makes it excellent value for money!!

Ozzy Duncan


Just wanted to thank you both for a well organised and interesting seminar at the O2 yesterday.  What a place to hold a "golf" seminar, as you said, a very inspirational place to learn more about the body and golf. A subject that I have attended a number of seminars on. This was well put together and it is obvious that you guys have a vast knowledge of the subject.

Really liked the delivery and content of the day and I am sure it will have direct benefit to my daily coaching and player development

It has really given me the desire to get my own "team" together to improve the service that I can give to my pupils

Neil Plimmer PGA Fellow Professional


I’ve worked with Scott for over 10 years – firstly while at Sky Sports and subsequently at Setanta Golf. In my view he’s the leading television golf instructor in the UK. Whether in a studio environment or out on location, he has the unique ability to communicate complex ideas in simple, informative and enjoyable style – often employing humorous and inventive ideas. He’s extremely comfortable on camera and always comes across with authority while allowing his personality to shine. Scott is also an accomplished presenter having fronted live studio-based coverage of PGA Tour and Champions Tour shows on Setanta Golf.

David Tippet – Previously Head of Sky Sports Golf & Setanta Golf


Just wanted say thanks Scott for dedicating your time, knowledge and experience to the course, and the people that attended; my understanding and appreciation has improved significantly as a result.

It was a great privilege for me, to meet and mix with golfing people, and to be immersed briefly in that environment.

Paul Jenkins


From 1998 to 2007 Scott Cranfield was a big part of Sky’s Golf coverage, most notably on the Magazine programmes every Wednesday. In his capacity as a respected European Golf Coach, Scott’ worked as an expert guest and analyst on the shows, Golf Extra and World of Golf, breaking down the pros’ swings, shots and presenting the amateur viewer with useful advice and instruction. Scott was particularly interested in the mental side of Golf, and helped explain the psychological challenges and solutions in professional Golf. Scott also worked on Live US Golf and occasionally, on stand-alone instruction programmes. His TV analysis is always clear and he always brings an original and creative thinking to his work in order to help the viewer understand technique. Scott was a delight to work with during this time – friendly, professional and dependable, and I would recommend him to any potential employer.

Jason Wessely - Head of Sky Sports Golf


Hi Steven & Scott

Many thanks for a very interesting day last Friday at Rushington.

I must admit having read the first chapter of your book I was a little bit sceptical about what the day would involve as your methods appeared to be so far removed from any golf lesson I have ever had.

Anyway I came with an open mind and tried to take on board your instructions.

Once focused, on the range I definitely noticed an improvement in my good shots with an improved ball flight and what appeared to be an increase in distance.

On the course it was a little bit more inconsistent but that was maybe to be expected.

Anyway I left having had a good day although not totally convinced with your alternative way of trying to improve my game.

Early the next morning I played in a competition, committed to trying your methods on the course. I scrambled 34 points and hit a very mixed bag of shots.

Feeling a bit disillusioned yesterday morning I revisited my key notes from the day

  • Club head on circle
  • roots of tree / helium balloon
  • Swishing upturned shaft

Playing in a club match yesterday afternoon I tried again focusing on the first two points above in my warm up and immediately fell into what appeared to be a very comfortable and balanced swing hitting crisp iron shots in the net.

Anyway to cut a long story short I took my thoughts and more importantly my swing to the course.  4 birdies in the first 6 holes, two under gross through 9, two more birdies and closed out winning may match 7 &6 and seriously peeing off my opponents who had travelled for three hours to be put the sword , finishing my round 2 over par for my best round for 10 years.

Analysing my round afterwards as to why I played so well, all I can say is that I felt free to swing without mental or physical restriction and managed to switch off between shots and just zoned in on the two key thoughts

helium balloon at set up and Club head on circle for the swing

Whether I can repeat this again in the near future, only time will tell but I can't wait to get out there again and try to continue playing with a new found freedom.

On a related matter, on Friday I spoke briefly with you re junior golf and would be interested in sending my son along should you run any junior schools.

He is aged 16 with a lot of potential having just started to take the game more seriously having spent most of his time playing county age group cricket for the past 5 years. He hits the ball a long way but as I have told him on more than one occasion it's not how far it's how many that matter. I think with him as with a lot of us it is the 8 inches between the ears that are possibly restricting him from fulfilling his potential and that your teaching philosophy could possibly help.

Thanks again for a good day, and I look forward to maybe joining you again should you run any similar days in the future

kind regards

Graham Theobald


2 months later I received this form Graham…

Hi Scott &  Steven

I hope all is well with you both.

Just a quick update to my progress following my day with you at Rushington.

I'm still applying the principles learnt and have reduced my hcap from 9.4 to 6.7 and am through to the semi finals of the two summer match play KOs at my club. My goal is to be cat 1 by the end of the summer.




An extra big thank you, chipping using the 'putting style' and humming at the same time gave great results for the 2 chips I had. One with standard wedge on substantial left to right breaker (almost holed), and second with 58 degree wedge when seriously short sided and bunker to play over, trusted the club to do it's work and stopped within 2 feet of hole. Playing partners were keen to know how I did it.

Kind regards

David Marshall