Intuitive Golf Book

Content is king, and this book delivers. The writing style is thankfully not clogged up with constant "true tales from the tour" or other such anecdotal tangents. (Go back and re-read your Bob Rotella books if you want such digressions.) I was pleasantly surprised at the quantity and quality of the illustrations, and they flow very well with the text. Scott gets to the point rather quickly in each chapter and illustrates the points well.

Mr. Cranfield has done a great job finding the middle ground between the "see the shot and trust it" warm and fuzzy school and the "right forearm must align with shaft plane line" swing lab scientists. The drills that accompany each section are well done, including many that I'd never seen from other instructors. The emphasis in the drills is primarily on "external focus" and "finding the feel", so that you can quickly get away from mechanical or technical swing thoughts.

The first part of the book centres on his concept of the "circle swing", and really focusing on club head path. It's the bedrock of his teaching. But don't confuse this with an Ernest Jones or Manuel de la Torre style "arms lead, body follows" swing.

Scott teaches an arms and body swing but doesn't want you thinking about body parts and positions. Two chapters in this book really stand out for me. His chapter on the "Reverse K" setup is very good. Don't skip it. My favourite chapter (because it's done the most for my ball striking) is his treatment of the backswing to downswing transition. I have never seen a better or more effective explanation of both the how and the why of this critical movement.

Matthew Etter


I am about halfway through and just had to tell you - I already know it is the best golf instruction book I have ever read (and that's a long list!) by miles Well done.

I have read so many books about the golf swing and the mental game, but they are typically too technical, fill my head with too many thoughts and seldom lead to improvement.

Scott’s book is the best because it combines the two through a simple, non-technical style that is enjoyable and easy to follow - it definitely led to improvement.

Mike Snapes


Hi Scott just finished reading your book and i found it interesting and informative I’m going to go back to basics take a chapter at a time work on it for a week or so and see what results I get at the start of the season so I’d just like to say many thanks keep it up

Kevin Sherburn


Hi Scott,

Just wanted to give you some feedback now that I have read and began to implement the principles of your new book. For someone who has become frustrated by the modern analytical approaches to compartmentalising the golf swing, your book has been a revelation.

I have particularly benefited from Truth number 1 regarding 'swing faults having a link to the body's balance.' Also, the circle swing's simplicity of keeping 'the clubhead on the perimeter of the circle' has given me a freedom to let the body respond.  There has been a major improvement in my ball striking, as I have been plagued by an over the top swing for over 18 months. I am now enjoying my golf once again and will strive to get back to category 1 again this year.

My posture is better, and my balance is centred, enabling me to swing naturally in balance.

Tony Jones


Dear Scott,

Just a quick e-mail to thank you for sending on a signed copy of your book recently.

I’ve really enjoyed reading it thus far. I’ve had a bit of a gap from golf, so going through the drills will be a great way to restart. Hopefully, I’ll start off better than I left off!

It’s very well written and the illustrations and non-golf parallels that you use to make points are very clear. It’s clearly from a top coach explaining how the reader should approach golf, rather than the pro explaining how he hits it straight down the fairway >300 yds (but doesn’t really understand why someone else can’t).

I wish you all the best with it.

Dr Michael Davies MD FRCP FFICM


Book is excellent and for me is easier to understand. In one sentence I would say " in an easy reading style, this book strips away the unnecessary and leaves you with the basics to be the best you can at swinging a golf club".

Steve H


Like it a lot - clearly set out, nicely illustrated, original ideas.

Brian Viner


Really enjoyed reading your book, I especially enjoyed Chapter Three - The Reverse K Set-Up. It changed my complete approach to my golf swing.

Currently, I'm being coached at your Esher Academy by Campbell Donaldson and can see how he uses your ethos and principles to achieve lasting results with his clients.

Tom Moffat


Your ideology regarding everybody's individuality and that they must be taught as an individual rather than being placed in the same box and expected to do the same thing is inspiring.

I have recently purchased your book, I have to say it is very good at explaining the golf swing from beginning to end its definitely helping to improve my game as well as having tuition from one of your instructors, Russell Evans.  So, when I need to recap on part of the swing your book is almost like speaking to Russell as it’s what he's already taught me. I just wanted to say thanks for your book and the way it and your academy teaches the brilliant game of golf.

Stuart Turnbull


I finished reading your book and I believe it is one of the best books I have read. The illustrations and instructions are top drawer.

No doubt you have developed a lot of the thinking of its content over many years and spent an immense amount of time on it. I wish I had access to that thinking when I started playing around 15 years ago.

Kit Gunavaedhana


I’ve now played 8 times since reading your book and i can now say that some of the fundamental changes that I've made have definitely improved my game  i think that just changing grip position to something more natural allows my wrist to hinge better and it seems to have had a effect on me coming over the top which has disappeared not entirely but a lot better i have now have increased my club distances .roll on summer just need to sort out the mental side of the game

Kevin Sherburn


Hi Scott

First of all apologies for taking so long to get back to you, but I wanted to spend a little time practicing what I gained from the book so I could give you meaningful feedback based on my experiences putting things into practice.

I really enjoyed the book and in particular the holistic approach you took to the whole approach from the basics of technique through drills, fitness and the biomechanics.  As a golfer of many years your approach to starting at the end and working back really helped engage me.

Your holistic approach focusing on keeping it simple is definitely the way forward for me to improve my game.  It resonates well with what I have been working on both at the range and course but also in the gym.

The drills are excellent and help embed your principles I also liked the fact that they worked with very day objects and didn't involve expensive gizmos.

Interestingly the real eureka moment for me was the section on swing speed and in particular the science of 'inner, mid and outer' speeds.  So obvious, but easily missed,  it's brilliant.  What I've been working on is using the drills to increase power and club head speed and consequently distance.  Where your approach really pays off is that to achieve this I now know I don't have to increase inner and mid speeds to reckless levels to deliver greater club head speed.

Thanks again for a great book

Steve Garbutt


I have received a copy of your book 'Intuitive Golf'. I found it a fascinating read, and I feel confident it will improve my golf.

Frank Booth


Intuitive Golf Book is excellent and for me is easier to understand. The grip change is coming on and I look forward to a winter of fully committed practice to the CGA swing. In one sentence I would say " in an easy reading style, this book strips away the unnecessary and leaves you with the basics to be the best you can at swinging a golf club".

Stephen Hopkins


Intuitive Golf, By Scott Cranfield is a unique book in that it offers functional biomechanical concepts for golf. The training on body mechanics and swing mechanics is not only useful for the player's game, but will enhance their bodily function as a general theme, improving quality of life.

I lectured with Scott Cranfield at the European Teaching and Coaching Conference in Munich, Germany several years ago and his presentation was excellent, and is delivery smooth as silk. I was excited to see that he incorporated some of the essentials of my teachings.

I recommend this book to the beginning player, as well as the elite. There is something useful for everyone.

Paul Chek, Holistic Health Practitioner
Founder, C.H.E.K Institute