I have been described as "The Knot Picker" I believe because of my unique ability to help business owners, leading entrepreneurs and golf enthusiasts dissolve the 'knots' in their life so they can be super clear, enthusiastic and fully present, at work, home and play

My coaching focuses on 3 key areas …

  • Dissolving mental distractions that sap you of energy, including relationship issues, self-doubt, fear, anxiety, guilt, and much more
  • Getting unbelievably clear on your life purpose, as well as your highest priority daily actions
  • Creating balance and continuous growth in all 7 areas of life


Throughout my career I have been driven to find the truth, what I sometimes refer to as ‘A Better Way!’ I want to cut through the jargon and models that have been created for their own sake and find out the real truth!  Whether that be the truth of human behaviour, business systems or how the body moves in the golf swing.


This approach has certainly kept me busy learning as much as I can, but equally I have been very fortunate to have achieved and experienced so much in my career.  Here are a few highlights…


In 1994, I started coaching some of Europe’s leading golfers, inc Ryder Cup Players & European Tour Winners, 30 years later I am still fortunate to be coaching some of the leading up and coming talent.


In 2011 I was truly honoured to be awarded the status of PGA Master Professional.


Between 1997 and 2008 I was a regular pundit on Sky Sports TV, and from 2008-2010 I became the lead coach on Setanta TV including my very own show; scary but fun!


In 2019, I was featured on BBC TV & Radio sharing ideas for helping children develop mental wellbeing through my much-acclaimed book series The Wise Bear Stories.  I am now a regular guest on podcasts and radio shows across the globe, where I continue to share this vitally important message.


I have been privileged to be a keynote speaker on many occasions across Europe, addressing audiences from 10 – 1000+ on subjects including business, golf and human behaviour.


Over the last 20 years I have had the opportunity to work with many corporate clients including… HSBC; DeBeers; Vintage Cosmetic Co; Red Bull; APA-Corporation; Foremost Golf; Ashton Charters.


As well as coaching other business owners, I also love developing the teams in my own businesses.  Between 1996 and 2010 I managed to grow Cranfield Golf Academy into the UK & Europe’s largest and most successful golf academy.


In 2008 along with my business partner we started Golf Kingdom, which is know the UK’s leading Family Golf & Leisure Park.  In 2014 with the same partner I started GLE (Golf & Leisure Experience) a company that specialises in helping local authorities and schools redevelop their outdoor sports and leisure space.


I believe it’s my unique experience of coaching across a variety of businesses; working with leading sports people, celebrities and billionaire business owners, combined with a rare knowledge of personal development and human behaviour, that has helped me develop a practical, results focussed approach to help my clients breakthrough and actually live the life they want!


If you think I can help you, I would love to hear from you, and we can set up a no obligation introduction call.  Contact me via email at scott@scottcranfield.com or LinkedIn.