I was very fortunate that early in my life I found something I wanted to dedicate every waking hour to, and that was being the best golfer I could be!  From age 13 that’s all I wanted to do, I would dream about becoming a successful tour professional.  However,…

My approach during these early years proved ineffective with poor results.  I was obsessed with perfecting my golf swing.  I would practice for hours, often extending my practice under car headlights when I thought I might have found the ‘secret’.


1987 was a real low point for me, as well as a turning point.  While playing a pro-am in Israel, the realisation hit me, I simply wasn’t good enough to play golf for a living!  I was laterally standing over a putt with tears in my eyes.  How could it be possible to work this hard and fail?


My demise created a void that drove me to find new answers. Intuitively I knew my failings weren’t just down to my golf swing, so I decided to look at other areas.  As a result, my interest and knowledge expanded into other fields.  I went on a mission, attending countless personal development seminars, even travelling to different continents to listen to the best speakers.


Through this quest, my life and career path started to change.  Every time I learned something new, I had this amazingly strong urge to share it with others… It was obvious I was turning into a coach and I loved it!


The thought of sharing and trying to help others became so inspiring to me that I quickly knew this would become my life’s mission!  Initially this mission would focus within golf, but through my love of personal development and human behaviour it soon expanded to other areas of life as well.  As a result, my clients have ranged from Ryder Cup Players to Blue Chip companies and over the years I have been trusted by many of these clients to work with their families as well.

At the core of all my study is a drive to understand human behaviour, why we do what we do; why we attract the things we do; why is it some people achieve massive results, yet others with seemingly similar talent don’t achieve anywhere near as much.  I wanted answers to these questions and many more, for myself and for others.


By 1989, I became fully committed to this journey, and I haven’t stopped since!  You see it is partly selfish, I had a strong vision and belief I could live a successful and balanced life.  I didn’t just want a successful career but at the cost of a broken relationship, or maybe poor health.  I wanted to grow and be fulfilled in all areas of life, and I believed it was possible and that others would want the same, so that’s what drove me back in 1989 and still drives me today.


There is nothing more inspiring for me than sharing information that might help someone with their golf or their life in some way.  I have been fortunate to do this through seminars, courses, TV and magazines.


During my career, I have hosted 21 different seminar programs, enjoyed a 12-year TV career and experienced 30 years of writing for magazines.


One of the most significant ways I have been able to share my knowledge over the years has been through Cranfield Golf Academy,(CGA) which has given me the opportunity to mentor hundreds of coaches since 1986. Training other coaches is a wonderful responsibility and it has proven to be one of the most important ways for me to develop and test my holistic approach to golf coaching.


My time developing CGA also led me to two important career milestones.  In 2011, I was delighted to be awarded the status of PGA Master Professional by the British PGA, and in 2013 I launched my first golf book ‘Intuitive Golf’ – “How to Unlock Your Natural Ability”.  This is now an online course with over 80 video tips to compliment the book.


In 2021 I took the opportunity of lockdown to refresh and update ‘Mind Of A Champion’ a program I first ran in 1998, and launch it as an online course, made up of 10 modules and 30 lessons. It has been great to update this program with my latest knowledge, and it has been received by many as a great tonic during challenging times.


As CGA grew I partnered a fellow PGA professional Simon Preston and in 2004 we started developing Golf Kingdom now the UK’s leading Family Golf & Leisure Park.  Our innovative approach to developing Golf Kingdom also led to the creation of a unique business Golf & Leisure Ltd a business dedicated to working with local authorities, helping them to remodel and transform their outdoor green space into inspiring and fun spaces for the benefit of the local community, and often at zero cost to the local authority.


2007 was another significant turning point in my career, when I met Dr John Demartini.  From the first time I heard Dr Demartini speak I knew he could help me find some of the answers I was still searching for.  As much as I had learnt and applied at this point in my career, there were still many things that didn’t make sense.  Studying under Dr Demartini has helped expand my interest and knowledge into many other areas and I have gained a much deeper understanding of human behaviour.  Simply put, what I have learnt has been life changing and has confirmed that the idea of living an inspired and fulfilled life is truly possible, it takes work, but it is worth it!


So, my mission to help others has continued and gone from strength to strength.  Whether it is helping a golfer, move in a more natural way, or to clear the clutter from their mind, so they can play their best, or helping a child dissolve a constant worry in their mind, or helping a business owner achieve a goal they didn’t think was possible is incredibly inspiring to me.


In 2008 my eldest daughter had just turned 4 and my 2nd was due later that year.  It was at this time I started to develop a real interest in child development and all the challenges they go through in today’s world. The statistics today are frightening around the number of children who suffer with mental health issues.  It was the combination of being a father and my knowledge of human behaviour that led to the development of a series of children’s personal development books, called The Wise Bear Stories.


The Wise Bear Stories are different… they don’t always follow the common psychological models promoted of positive thinking and growth mindset.  Instead they share timeless principles of true human behavior, which whilst understood for centuries are rarely practiced or coached.  The application of these principles will help children dissolve anxieties as well as build their confidence, and much, much more.


I have been fortunate to take these stories and the principles into primary schools in the UK, and I was delighted that the BBC took an interest and came to film a session which was then aired on BBC News


In 2021 The Wise Bear Family Masterclass was launched, offering support videos to all 6 Wise Bear stories. The program includes separate modules for parents and children, so parents can really learn the science behind the stories and children can learn how to integrate the principles into their life.


Which brings me up to today, … Although my studies cross many areas of life, my courses, coaching and writing primarily focus on the areas of golf, personal development and children’s mental wellbeing.


If you have any questions I would love to hear from you, and if would like to find out more about my coaching, Please get in touch.


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