Scott Cranfield An Intuitive Golfer

I am driven by a primary question... “Is There A Better Way?” This means challenging the status quo in everything I do… I think differently… I seek answers away from the mainstream noise… I coach differently.

Hello, I’m Scott Cranfield a PGA Master Coach, with 30+ years’ experience coaching beginners through to Ryder Cup Players.  I continually refine and develop my Intuitive Golf model by working with some of the best minds in the fields of psychology and anatomy, so I can help golfers move better, think less and enjoy their golf more, I call it being an Intuitive Golfer.

Whether I work with you 1 to 1, Virtually or at one of my Experiences, I will guide you on my Success Pathway to become an Intuitive Golfer.  Being an Intuitive Golfer is more than just a name, it’s a way of being.

Are you an Intuitive Golfer?  You can check here.

1 to 1 Coaching

This can either be in person, or through my popular Virtual Program by flagship program The Intuitive Golfer Mastermind also includes some 1 to 1 coaching.

I will guide you through The Intuitive Golfer Success Pathway, where you will learn the fundamentals necessary to play your best golf.  After each lesson I record a summary of the key points, so you can track your progress and always have something to refer to.

It’s my aim that each client ‘graduates’ by understanding their own game and technique, so they their own personal blueprint for their best golf.

All 1 to 1 coaching starts with a Swing Evaluation and Game Assessment.  To find out more click here 


The Intuitive Golf Experience

Learn A Natural Approach That Requires No Special Talent… It Works Every Time And No One Else Is Telling You About It!

On this 3 Day experience, you'll discover how to take charge of your own golf by learning the truth about how your mind & body work.

These techniques will dissolve the stress in your golf, boost your confidence, and make playing golf fun again!

Intuitive Golf Book - How To Unlock Your Natural Ability

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