Scott Cranfield

PGA Master Coach & Professional

Scott Cranfield

PGA Master Coach

& Professional

  • 35 Years Coaching Experience Working with Every Level Of Player From Beginners To European Tour Winners & Ryder Cup Players.
  • 12 Year TV Career with Sky TV And Setanta TV, Including Hosting My Own TV Show
  • 30 Years of Writing Golf Magazine Articles
  • Creator Of Cranfield Golf Academy Which Became the Largest and Most Successful Golf Academy In UK. (1996 – 2022)
  • Personally Trained Over 200 PGA Professional’s
  • Creator & Presenter Of 21 Golf Related Seminars Covering Technique; Performance; Psychology; Player Development; Coach Development; Human Behaviour; Personal Development Etc.
  • Keynote Speaker for Various PGA’s Across Europe as Well As Blue Chip Companies
  • Author Of Intuitive Golf Book
  • Several Videos on Social Media Have Gone Viral.
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Golf Coaching Testimonials

I have had lessons with many of the World’s famous teachers on both golf swing and
the mental game, but after my virtual lessons with you, yours is the approach I always go back to, when trying to improve my golf.

Juan Luis Mingo – Chilie

Afternoon Scott just an update… feel loads better more comfortable all round and hitting my irons better …driver was so much better as was chipping…I feel we are getting somewhere…I’ll keep practicing and speak soon

Mick Brotherston - UK

Thank you for my recent lessons. Your ability to combine the mind and body through a simple, non-technical style has been enjoyable and easy to follow. Too often in the past I have filled my head with too many thoughts, which has seldom led to improvement. Since our lessons my game has definitely improved.

James Healey – Portugal

Your holistic and individual approach has definitely helped improve my game. Your messages are always very consistent, and I always leave my lessons clear in mind what I need to do, and more importantly, I feel it is right for me.

Max Martin - UK

My handicap has been cut 3.1 down to 10.5, it’s all down to the fundamentals that you gave me during my course of lessons. I’m able to recognise what I have done or not done on a particular shot and able to correct this going forward. This allows me to keep a quiet mind that helps me play better. It appears you can teach an old dog new tricks!!

Neil Ashton - UK

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott and his years of experience to explain and simplify
the ‘noise’ I have experienced, and to help create a more compact swing that requires little thought

Spencer Fenton - UK

Just a quick note to say the lessons were totally different to what I expected, in a good way! I feel I've got a pathway which I can follow and refer back to”

Kevin Steadman - UK

What Scott for has taught me in two 1-hour lessons has made the biggest impact on my game ever. I have significantly improved the strike and distance across the bag. In just my second round after the lessons I scored sub-par which has not happened for 20 years! Also, I have been suffering with back issues for 2 years brought on only when I play golf, since working with Scott not only have I had zero back issues but after playing my back feels loser.

Matthew Squire – UK