Spend 3 days with me and totally immerse yourself in the principles of becoming an Intuitive Golfer.

Transform each area of your game and learn to take it to the course.

Intuitive Golf Experience

Learn A Natural Approach That Requires No Special Talent… It Works Every Time and I Will Help You Master It!

On This 3 Day Experience You'll Learn How To Dissolve The Stress In Your Golf, Reduce Your Risk Of Injury & Boost Your Confidence So Playing Golf Is Fun Again!

There are certain principles of movement and managing your mind that few golfers ever get to understand or master, but when you do, they can transform your experience of playing golf, AND it doesn’t matter what your age, standard or ability anyone can learn and benefit from these ‘Secrets’.

And don’t be worried thinking there will be tons of information to learn.

During the 3 days, there are just a few ESSENTIAL principles that I will be helping you master, and with each bit of progress you make there will be a ripple effect giving you FURTHER BENEFIT……. That’s what happens when you deal with principles based on the truth of how your mind and body work!

The benchmark I will be asking you to measure your progress against is simple….

Does my swing (putting to driving) feel effortless compared to before, resulting in hitting more solid shots AND do I know how I created it so I can repeat it again and again!

That’s it! That’s the aim of this course!

So, if this sounds of interest to you, please contact me and let’s arrange a time to talk so I can tell you more about the programme, what to expect and very importantly what NOT to expect!

Intuitive Golf Coaching Testimonials

Excellent learning, the result of the correct movement shows in the shot seen, so feedback is immediate

Steve Maris

Very helpful and positive. The course focused on exactly what I hoped it would to help me hit more solid shots. Thank you for an excellent three days

Sue Piotrowski

Excellent coaching no mumbo-jumbo, just simple breakdown of the movements I need to build a solid foundation for my swing.

Well-structured three days with time to practice on what we have learnt. Also, a nice group or supportive of each other

Ian McNicol

Excellent experience has given me a massive input on how to consistently swing with confidence.  Thank you for an excellent three days your input, patience and expertise

Chris Eddison

Enjoyable – very positive experience. I feel that I’ve made good progress. Absolutely loved it. Thank you

Pam Gander

”Very relaxed and simple to follow”

Charlie Lim

“Excellent!  Please keep training people like us”

Abedin Mohammed

“I found each day gave me more confidence in the changes I have made. The pace was not rushed and there was plenty of opportunity to discuss any issues within the group. Thanks for the opportunity to work with you”

N Ashton

“The course has given me a much greater understanding of the swing and what is trying to be achieved. It has cleared up some misconceptions which I previously had and has led me to building a stronger foundation to help me improve my game”

Daniel Aziz

Thoroughly enjoyed the experience I definitely gained knowledge of the mind and body for Golf.  The experience has shown me and convinced me that Golf and the swing need correct structures from the start

I should have attended sooner but I will definitely be looking for a refresher.

Lee Kent