Join me and like-minded golfers for 6 months of immersion and guidance to become the best golfer you can be. Join from anywhere in the World.

Why A Mastermind?

The Vision

This is an opportunity to work closely with me (Scott Cranfield) over 6 months to help you develop the essential foundations you need to play your best golf on a consistent basis, AND these are not the foundations you will learn from the mainstream golf industry.

In my quest to coach the most simple and enjoyable way to play golf, I have been fortunate to learn directly from some of the best minds on the planet in the fields of psychology and anatomy.  Combine this with my 30+ years of coaching beginners through to Ryder Cup Players, and I will be sharing with you the very best of what I have learned through this Mastermind.

This Mastermind will cut out all the fluff so you can learn and apply the core principles that will help you play your best golf in a more enjoyable and consistent way.

Spaces are strictly limited to 12 people.

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A Golf Mastermind Online? Will That Work?

At first it might not seem possible, but what if it was actually better than being in person?  Over the last year nearly 50% of my coaching has been virtual, I was skeptical at first as were my clients, BUT the results have been amazing, truly amazing!  In a recent survey of clients on my virtual coaching program 100% said they are improving and 100% said they would recommend this program to other golfers

10 Online Classes

I host 10 LIVE 2-hour online classes on becoming an Intuitive Golfer.  Each class provides a mix of teaching, open dialogue, practical’s for you to do during the class and occasional breakout rooms.

Private Mentoring Sessions

During the 6 months you will get 2 x 90-minute private sessions with Scott to go over what is most important to you individually.  This can be in person or virtually.

Unlimited Support

You will get FREE membership to Scott’s Ultimate Virtual Coaching Program.  This gives you unlimited support to help you stay on track with what you are learning during the Mastermind.

Community Support

Getting results, especially when you are learning a new approach takes commitment. Scott uses the power of the community to help each member stay on track and create accountability.  The support of other members is what helps make this Mastermind successful.

Regular Coaching Tips

Keep an eye on your inbox for exclusive tips and messages from Scott relating to what you are learning inside the Mastermind.

Completion Certificate

At the end, you really will be an Intuitive Golfer, no longer stuck in the old way of thinking and playing, to celebrate this you will receive a certificate to say you have completed a six-month training program with me.


For a long time, I have tried to make swing changes, but until I started having lessons with Scott I hadn’t fully appreciated how previous teachers had only tried to fix the outcome, rather than looking at the root causes and working on those.  Trying to change a 25 year old swing that had a lot of quirks, is not something that happens overnight - and i love the journey that my golf swing is on with Scott, and how some of the changes are not dictated, but rather I am left to go and explore how something feels to get the swing closer to where I want it to be .  The Virtual coaching means that I can continue this journey and to see lasting changes, and a swing that I can rely on.

Ann De Jongh – Portugal

Scott's Virtual Coaching program has been a great experience, combining his experience and technology to provide an amazing virtual learning tool to improve my swing has been valuable. Scott's experience and expertise really shine through, he has an incredible eye for detail and is able to spot things and recommend drills. The Virtual Coaching Program is a great tool for accountability, staying consistent and on the right track - little and often builds good habits. 

Ching Chan – Cambridge UK

Scott clearly is a very experienced and professional golf coach. If I am honest, I am not sure if I could afford his face-to-face lessons, but this way of operating is great for me. I would highly recommend him!

Paul R – Essex UK

Scott’s approach has brought fundamental improvements to my game. The virtual platform allows for a good understanding without the constraints of traditional coaching. The focused guidance has helped me filter out distracting online advice, providing a clear path towards improvement that's tailored specifically to my needs. 

Richard Flood – Kent, UK

My handicap has been cut 3.1 down to 10.5, it’s all down to the fundamentals that you gave me during my course of lessons. I’m able to recognise what I have done or not done on a particular shot and able to correct this going forward. This allows me to keep a quiet mind that helps me play better. It appears you can teach an old dog new tricks!!

Neil Ashton - UK

Thoroughly enjoyed working with Scott and his years of experience to explain and simplify
the ‘noise’ I have experienced, and to help create a more compact swing that requires little thought

Spencer Fenton - UK

Just a quick note to say the lessons were totally different to what I expected, in a good way! I feel I've got a pathway which I can follow and refer back to”

Kevin Steadman - UK

What Scott for has taught me in two 1-hour lessons has made the biggest impact on my game ever. I have significantly improved the strike and distance across the bag. In just my second round after the lessons I scored sub-par which has not happened for 20 years! Also, I have been suffering with back issues for 2 years brought on only when I play golf, since working with Scott not only have I had zero back issues but after playing my back feels loser.

Matthew Squire – UK

The Mastermind Curriculum

Having hosted multiple seminars and webinars, and been a keynote speaker on many occasions, there is always an element of flow relative to the group’s needs.  That said the Mastermind is designed specifically to build with each class.  Each thing you learn will layer itself so that you really do master the essential foundations that WILL make a difference.

The Full Swing

You will be amazed how a natural golf swing can be distilled to a few principles.  The hardest challenge you might face is letting go of all that is unnecessary!

Short Game

We cover, pitching; chipping; sand play and putting. Yips no problem, learn why this happens and how to develop a confident short game.  Learn about ‘vision’ and how you can putt from a stress-free state.

The Mental Game

Like the golf swing there is a lot of information available on this topic. We will cover practical ideas you can do easily, that will help you become the golfer you want to be.  What you will learn and apply is likely to go beyond your golf and help your general wellbeing as well.

Scoring Better

As you progress through the Mastermind, your golf should become more enjoyable, to add to this I am sure you want lower scores. In this class we will get down to what stops you scoring better, and it might not be what you think it is.

Feeling Better

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with all there is to remember with your golf swing, or pitching action? I bet you have also stood over a shot, and you just felt good and sure enough the short was good, how does that happen?  You will learn practices to help you feel your best.

Practicing Better

It’s not what you do, but HOW you do it that matters! Learn how to practice at home and on a range etc to get better results.  You don’t need to hit thousands of balls, but you do need some disciplines, so your practice gives you the progress you deserve.

10 Lives Classes

All classes are held 4pm – 6pm UK time.

(8am – 10am Pacific Time / 11am – 1pm ET)

February 1st  2024

February 15th 2024

February 29th 2024

March 21st 2024

April 11th 2024

May 2nd 2024

May 16th 2024

June 6th 2024

June 27th 2024

July 11th 2024

Tuition Fees

The Mastermind Tuition fee is £1,997 inc VAT

($2,497 USD) *card fees may apply

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