A step by step guide to develop a natural and consistent golf swing, by PGA Master Coach, Scott

Intuitive Golf

'How to unlock your natural ability'

Are you fed up searching for the perfect golf swing? Intuitive Golf Book gives you a step by step guide on how to build a swing based on the true laws of how your mind & body work.  I am currently offering the book for FREE, I simply ask you to cover the shipping.


Intuitive golf book Testimonials

Just wanted to give you some feedback now that I have read and began to implement the principles of your new book. For someone who has become frustrated by the modern analytical approaches to compartmentalising the golf swing, your book has been a revelation.

I have particularly benefited from Truth number 1 regarding 'swing faults having a link to the body's balance.' There has been a major improvement in my ball striking, as I have been plagued by an over-the-top swing for over 18 months. I am now enjoying my golf once again and will strive to get back to category 1 again this year.

Tony Jones

I am about halfway through and just had to tell you - I already know it is the best golf instruction book I have ever read (and that's a long list!) by miles

Well done - I hope you get the success you deserve with it

Mike Snapes

Hi Scott just finished reading your book and i found it interesting and informative I’m going to go back to basics take a chapter at a time and work on it for a week or so and see what results i get at the start of the season so id just like to say many thanks keep it up

Kevin Sherburn

As a golfer of many years your approach to starting at the end and working back really helped engage me.  Your holistic approach focusing on keeping it simple is definitely the way forward for me to improve my game.  

The drills are excellent and help embed your principles I also liked the fact that they worked with every day objects and didn't involve expensive gizmos.

Steve Garbutt

"The Intuitive Golf book is so useful.   The easy reading style strips away the unnecessary and leaves you with the basics to be the best you can at swinging a golf club".  I am constantly referring back to it and would recommend it to anyone"

Christine Wilkins

Intuitive Golf book is excellent and for me is easier to understand. In one sentence I would say “ in an easy reading style, this book strips away the unnecessary and leaves you with the basics to be the best you can at swinging a golf club”.

Steve H

I have recently purchased your book; I have to say it is very good at explaining the golf swing from beginning to end its definitely helping to improve my game.  Your ideology regarding everybody’s individuality and that they must be taught as an individual rather than being placed in the same box and expected to do the same thing is inspiring.

Stuart Turnbull

I finished reading your book and I believe it is one of the best books I have read. The illustrations and instructions are top drawer.

No doubt you have developed a lot of the thinking of its content over many years and spent an immense amount of time on it. I wish I had access to that thinking when I started playing around 15 years ago.

Kit Gunavaedhana