Get unlimited coaching from me personally when you need it, without the time and expense of travelling.

Becoming An Intuitive Golfer - The Ultimate Virtual Coaching Program

‘Get Unlimited World Class Coaching at a Fraction of The Cost’

Since mid 2023 nearly 50% of my coaching has been virtual, with clients around the World, and the results have been amazing, in just a few months, personal bests achieved, major club competitions won to name a few.

At first it might not seem possible, but many are finding it better than being in person?  Testimonials.

To be honest, I was skeptical at first as were my clients, BUT the results have been amazing, truly amazing!  In a recent survey of clients on my virtual coaching program 100% said they are improving and 100% said they would recommend this program to other golfers. Testimonials.

How Does It Work

  1. You upload videos of your swing, or any area of your game you want to work on.  This is easily done from your phone to an APP.
  2. I go through your video and send a reply, giving you clear instructions on what to do. I guarantee to respond within 4 days.
  3. You work on the advice, and when you are ready you upload new videos, I then give you new feedback.

What’s Included in Your Plan

  • Unlimited Coaching - No Limit to The Number of Uploads Per Month
  • All Areas of The Game Included
  • All Uploads Responded to Within 4 Days
  • Personalised Videos, Commentary & Notes by PGA Master Coach Scott Cranfield
  • Get A Complete Record of All Your Lessons and Progress

Tailored to You

The current starting price is £149 / $195 per month.  The first 6 months are about building the best foundations, so you can truly understand and manage your own game and swing. During this phase you can expect better results from greater clarity and less effort which comes form working on the right things.

There is no minimum contract, you can cancel at any time.

If you are prepared to put in a little bit of work each week (some can even be at home) I am certain you will significantly improve your whole golf game including hitting more accurate and powerful shots, bringing you a new level of enjoyment.

Virtual Coaching Testimonials

I am the most consistent I have ever been, my ball normally goes where I expect it to, and I am striking the ball much better.  I feel my swing is slowly coming under control

Max Martin

I would definitely recommend the Virtual program, getting regular updates on the swing has been very helpful. For me personally, I can overdo or misinterpret a drill so having Scott check up on me weekly sometimes more has kept me on track. 

James Healey

I didn't realise how effective virtual lessons can be. Scott has an amazing eye for detail and can spot things I didn't even realise.

Ching Chan

My ball striking has improved, along with my consistency and handicap. Whilst it is still early stages, I feel really confident that my handicap will continue on its downward trend.

Paul R

Not being face to face I am surprised how this all benefits me. The feedback I am receiving is on a more regular basis, and I have a record of comments made so I can always refer back.  I would say virtual lessons are more beneficial to me than those face to face lessons, in the past.

James Preston

I have much improved fundamentals, freedom of movement and less tension all resulting in an improved consistency and reduction of the dreaded shank. 

Richard Flood

Just a quick note to say the lessons were totally different to what I expected, in a good way! I feel I've got a pathway which I can follow and refer back to”

Kevin Steadman - UK

What Scott for has taught me in two 1-hour lessons has made the biggest impact on my game ever. I have significantly improved the strike and distance across the bag. In just my second round after the lessons I scored sub-par which has not happened for 20 years! Also, I have been suffering with back issues for 2 years brought on only when I play golf, since working with Scott not only have I had zero back issues but after playing my back feels loser.

Matthew Squire – UK